Saturday, January 5, 2013

Austrian ironclads, part 3

Not really an ironclad, this is an unarmored wooden steam vessel from the 1/2400 Figurehead line:

I intend to use it as the Austrian frigate Novara.

Building this one will be a bit different from the previous ironclads, as it appears that the fore and main masts are carried over from the Figurehead sailing ship lines.  The ironclads from Figurehead have the mast as an integral part of the hull, with the sails being separate, and the sailing vessels have the masts+sails as separate pieces.  Cutting the sails from the masts would be a delicate task; it will be easier to make a new set of masts.


SteelonSand said...

That's a very tidy looking vessel - Lissa awaits!

Glad you didn't opt for the micro-surgery route, though - new masts will be easier, I think.

El Grego said...

So far the new masts are easy enough - pics soon!

Chasseur said...

Looking forward to its completion ... Jeff