18 March 2009

A list of Initial purchases...

The first part of the plan - rules - is now complete with the arrival of proper charts for my copy of GQ3 - FAI, so now I can progress to the next step - minis!

For this encounter of July 1915 in the Baltic (I have yet to find a 'title' for this battle, you know - 'Battle of Jutland' or similar), here are the German ships I will need and the vendor:

Prinz Adalbert (Panzerschiffe)
Roon (Panzerschiffe)
Augsburg (Panzerschiffe)
Lubeck (GHQ)
Albatross (?)
7 DD (?)

Mostly Panzerschiffe for now. Panzerschiffe makes nice but simple minis; I will dress them up a bit with masts and such. Lubeck, according to my sources, is a Bremen-class light cruiser, of which Leipzig (and Lubeck) are members, and GHQ makes a Leipzig mini. I have yet to determine the classes of the destroyers involved. Also, I believe there is another armored cruiser paired with Prinz Adalbert; I will check my books for that. The mini will most likely come from Panzerschiffe. The mine-layer Albatross is a puzzle, as no manufacturer makes one in 1/2400. I will wade through the pics on the Panzerschiffe site until I find one that is close.

And, the Russian list:

Rurik (GHQ)
Admiral Makarov (GHQ)
Bayan (GHQ)
Bogatyr (GHQ)
Oleg (GHQ)
Novik (?)

It was my intention from the start to use GHQ products if I could, and GHQ makes most of the ships involved. Adm. Makarov will need a bit of converting - she is in the same class as Bayan but has a single pole mast. Novik is not available in 1/2400, so a proxy will be needed.

16 March 2009

Naval Gaming news - 16 March 2009

Old Glory Shipyard has released three fleet sets in 1/2400 for Warhammer Historical's new rules set Trafalgar (or any sailing ship game)

Litko has a set of templates for Trafalgar in Jim's Product Lab