25 June 2013

Another distraction?

Father's Day went by on the calendar recently, and my lovely wife took it upon herself to get me something.  She went through my Amazon wish-list and came up with this:

I do have a soft spot for pre-dreadnoughts, but what to do?  The Spanish-American War is one which seems one-sided but throw in a few what-if situations and just maybe it could be interesting.  But, how about a different tack?  What other opponent could be possible?  Or, perhaps a bit of time-twisting is in order... maybe some 'hypothetical' actions between the US and Japan, in, say, 1907 or 1910 or so.  I could go on!  But, some thought is really needed before any other planning is done.  One thing is for certain - this is a project for the future and I should not expend too much time and effort into it before getting the Tékumel naval stuff along......

22 June 2013

Langton ancient ships

And now, a closer look at the Langton ships:




These are among the largest ancient ships that Langton makes.  For Tékumel, they will fill the role of the zírunel, the largest of the common classes of warships.  I believe that there are larger warships plying the oceans of Tékumel, but they are rare and I will not worry about them, for now...
Roman quinquereme

Carthaginian quinquereme



The next step down in size, these are slated to represent the qél for my Tékumeli navies.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the relatives sizes of these miniatures are very close.  This will allow a lot of variety, not only for different navies but also within a particular empire's navy (Langton has other miniatures of this size that I have yet to purchase).




These three miniatures are markedly more narrow than the previous four, as well as being slightly shorter.  For Tékumel, I think these will work as the srügánta, although the hemiolia is a bit smaller than the other two and might be better as a séscha.  Out of these, the liburnian is especially appealing with the stern platform.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the appearance of these miniatures.  There is still work to do, as the representation of a séscha is not fully set yet, and there are a couple of trireme variants I would like to look at before setting it all in stone (heh) for the building of some flotillas.

09 June 2013

Fantasy naval, part 2

The first flotilla of Langton Miniatures (ordered through Waterloo Minis) has arrived:

They are looking good so far; I just need to sort them out by size to match their Tékumel counterparts.  I think that I will need a few more samples as the smallest ships types might not be covered...

02 June 2013

Fantasy naval, part 1

The first set of ships has arrived - from Valiant:

A trio of Heptares.  Although a length for the miniature is given on the Valiant web site, I was still surprised at them.

Here is a closer look:

Looks like assembly will be straightforward, although I seem to have too many starboard-side oar banks (see the bottom ship in the above pic).  I will send off an e-mail about that.

No matter what scale I finally choose, and I can see using a combo of 1/900 (for larger ships) and 1/1200 (for the rest especially cargo ships), I intend to use some of the ideas found here.