25 August 2009

Navwar, continued...

Unfortunately, I've been distracted and have yet to work with my new Navwar ships - no painting, no pics, and they are still in the bags. I have discovered that I forgot to place Augsberg on the order sheet and instead received one of my alternates - a Wittelbach-class predreadnought. I guess that means that I'll need to place another order, soon!

16 August 2009

Navwar order

The ships from Navwar have arrived - faxed the order in last Monday and delivered on Saturday - very fast service! Pics later on...

15 August 2009

First set of minis...

I finally have some pics ready to post. Some of these are a bit dodgy - I need to refine my method just a bit of these small ships.

First up, the Germans:

These are the WTJ versions of Prinz Heinrich and Lübeck.

A very close-up overview of Prinz Heinrich.

The WTJ castings are very nice - not much flash, just a small amount there on Prinz Heinrich's fore funnel.

And some Russian ships:

The cruisers Oleg and Bogatyr.

And a close-up:

Nice. I really like the detail on the ship's boats.

And a broadside view. Note the detail on the casemate guns. There is a bit of a mold line along the waterline; some careful filing will take care of that.

Last but not least, Bayan:

11 August 2009

Action off Götland, part 5

The paints have arrived, and the Navwar order faxed off! I also have some pics of the WTJ ships stored in the camera, which I'll try to post later.

High Seas Fleet links

Here are a pair of links to web sites that have some good information on the German navy circa WW1:

Imperial German Navy deployment 1914

Hochseeflotte Ships

The Hochseeflotte page has several links to ship specs, histories, and some pics.

02 August 2009

Action off Götland, part 4

Slowly but surely, progress is being made. My first order from WTJ has arrived, and they are beautiful ships indeed. No pics yet; it is just too hot here to mess around in our hobby area but I will take some soon.

I have also sent off for an order of new paints. I am going to try something a bit different this time. Normally, I will purchase specific colors, as I do not like to blend my own shades. But, this time I am going to try it, so the paints I ordered are more basic colors, neutral greys and pure white. I will need to keep track of the recipes of the paints for specific navies as I will never remember them outright.

I am hoping that I can finalize my Navwar order this week; when it arrives I will have everything together for my first scenarios...