31 May 2009

More links added

I have added a few more links on the margin, including the new site for Molniya Miniatures and David Manley's Naval Rules On-Line

27 May 2009

New VSF game coming soon - Leviathans

Catalyst Game Labs has announced a new entry in the VSF aerial fleet genre - Leviathans.

So far, the Leviathans blog has some information on the background for the game, and some interesting artwork. I am not sure how this new game would affect the already established Aeronef; it might be complimentary as the two games are based in slightly different time references. Aeronef seems (I am not quite certain as I have yet to purchase it) to have its ship architecture based in approximately 1890, while Leviathans is in 1910. That might not seem like much, but naval architecture was rapidly changing in the turn of the previous century.

My biggest hope for Leviathans is the commisioning of new minis!

25 May 2009

Some more links...

Mark at Scale Creep Miniatures has posted pics of the Navwar 1/1200 ACW line

Mark at Deepfriedhappymice has several entries for naval rules at his Rules Directory

And, I am trying to add more links to the lists on the right...

24 May 2009

More blogs

Here are a couple of naval or mostly naval blogs:

SteelonSand - Pre-dreadnought naval and some interesting 6mm sci-fi

My Victorian Navy - Ironclads among others

21 May 2009

Another naval mini You Tube video...

You Tube user SEEKRIEG4 has a video of a WW2 naval miniatures duel for your viewing pleasure - SeeKrieg Naval Miniature Battle

20 May 2009

Another naval gaming blog

I just wanted to point my gentle readers to another great blog - A Wargaming Odyssey

There are several great ideas for naval gaming, and a lot of nice pics. Highly Recommended!

08 May 2009

Well where's he at?

My apologies for not posting for so long... the blazing start I had burned right out!

Some of this is due to getting a severe case of 'sticker shock' with the GHQ minis. They are beautiful minis, but I just do not foresee myself having the financial resources to invest in them, especially with the other projects demanding funding as well. Also, the problem with the GQ3 rules, as mentioned previously, took some of the wind from my sails, even though the charts were quite satisfactorily replaced.

So, a change of course is required. I am looking into 1/3000 scale ships instead. And, I might even revise the scope of the collection to pre-dreadnoughts. Much to decide...