05 June 2009

Action off Gotland, part 1

Way back on this blog - here actually - I started some notes on my WW1 naval project. After a bit of digging, I have found a few of the missing pieces of info.

First, the scenario now has a title - Action off Götland. The battle was fought in the Baltic near the island of Götland.

Second, I did find the 'missing' cruiser that was cruising with Prinz Adalbert - Prinz Heinrich, an older armored cruiser in the German Navy. To the best of my knowledge, there are no minis for this ship in 1/2400, so some conversion work will be needed.

Third, the budget does not seem to be an obstacle at this time. A proposal was made to the household CFO (my lovely wife) and she approved it! I will be waiting for one of GHQ's sales before ordering, but hopefully I will send off for the Panzerschiffe ships very soon.