18 June 2014

Egyptian ships

After reading the books I received about ancient Egyptian ships, I was able to piece together a list of common building materials for the Pharaoh's navy:

Cedar (red and white)

Also used, but much less often:


Cedar, of course, would be imported from the Levant and was often used for funerary barges for the high-ranking citizens and royalty.  I intend to paint up only a few ships in red cedar, and the rest in a more tan color.  Masts, as another nifty detail, were often made of the same material as the hull.

10 June 2014

Langton news

Well, it is new to me, but at the Langton Notice page, it has been announced that there has been a price increase on many items, effective today.  This is the first price change for more than three years, so it is not too surprising.  I am not entirely sure what items are affected - it appears that the ancient naval line has yet to see the increase.