22 March 2020

Ships off Haiti, part 1

Some progress:

Here are the contents of the Haitian rebel ship package - hulls, masts, bowsprits, funnels, and deck guns!  Fortunately, there are good pics of the assembled models on the FB page, and line drawings in the Salnave's War book.  Phil (of Spithead Miniatures) also sent a helpful e-mail detailing some of the differences he decided for the models, and suggested painting guides.

After a bit of sorting, the models are ready for assembly.  I need to review my basing plan before going much further.

Last but not least, the government squadron is sorted.

15 March 2020

Back, again?

I am trying to get my wargaming 'sea legs' back!

A new arrival has piqued my interest:

These are 1/1200 ship models from Spithead Miniatures for the Haitian Revolution (Salnave's War) of 1867.  Also pictured above is an ACW 90-day gunboat and USS Benton.

To accompany these wonderful models, I picked up a copy of this:

This slender book is a concise source of information for the vessels and battles at sea during the revolution, including maps and drawings of all the ships present.

29 October 2018


Not much is happening here on the hobby table as far as naval projects go, but hopefully that will end soon enough.

I have purchased a few books to help stoke the boilers a bit:

Many directions these tomes lead!

15 July 2018


A bit too much time away from here, don't you think?  I have not had much desire to work on naval stuff lately, despite having several projects deserving attention.  One has to start someplace so let's go:

Here is my first group of ship models from WTJ.  These are assorted pre-dreadnoughts in 1/1800 scale.  US, Spanish, Japanese, and Russian vessels are pictured as they await some attention with soapy water and a brush.

After that, I need to make masts and figure out how to base them...

23 May 2018

Great Lakes, part 1

With my recent order to Waterloo Minis, I added a sampling of the Langton War of 1812 ships:

Here we have a pair of schooners that could be used for either faction on the Great Lakes.  Each model is comprised of five cast pieces - hull and masts - and a set of photo-etch sails.  Beautifully cast in the Langton manner, and oh my, are they small.  Each square on the grid in the pics is ¼" (6.35mm) - the hulls are less than 1" (25mm) in length.