20 May 2018

Anglo-Dutch, part 3

The second pair of miniatures for my Anglo-Dutch naval project recently arrived.  These ships are Langton, and they were purchased through Waterloo Minis:

This is Langton AD8, a British 4th Rate vessel, 48-56 guns.  13 pieces total.  I decided to try cast sails for this batch, just to see how much difference there will be in assembly compared to the photo-etch variety, plus they were a bit less expensive.  Beautifully detailed, as one would expect from Langton.

This is Langton AD14, a Dutch 4th Rate of 46 guns.  Again, 13 pieces make up this model, and again beautifully detailed.  It is interesting to note the size difference between the two 4th rates - the British ships are a fair amount larger than their Dutch counterparts.

The easy part is now complete!  Next is to figure out basing and rigging essentials, as I want to have all of the supplies present before I start any assembly.

06 May 2018

Anglo-Dutch naval, part 2

As part of the build-up to my Anglo-Dutch naval project, I purchased a copy of this:

This volume is part of the 'New Vanguard' series from Osprey, number 183.  A slender volume at 48 pages, it is nonetheless a useful introduction to the period.  Design, construction, and operation of the two different navies are covered, and there are many period paintings reproduced within, along with  color plates commissioned for the book.  The most interesting part is a series of tables listing the names, rates, and fates of individual ships from the two sides.

29 April 2018


This is just a simple post to provide a bit of info on what is happening behind the curtain.

I have several naval projects that have various, but comparatively little, amounts of completion.  First off is a fantasy naval project, based on the fictional world of Tékumel.  This project will utilize 1/1200 ancient naval ships for the most part, although many will need conversions. 

Next is Age of Sail.  In reality, this could be split into more than one project, but I am going to try and keep it simple (and to fool my brain about not having too many projects!)  This will be in 1/1200 also, and will be subdivided into Anglo-Dutch and War of 1812, and maybe another...

Ironclads is the next project, once again at 1/1200.  At first I was quite keen on ACW (as noted previously on this blog), but I am hoping to also add South American actions into the fold.

Last but not least is pre-dreadnoughts.  I am looking to pick up the pieces of my old WW1 project by slowly acquiring more 1/1800 ships from WTJ, although the cut-off point for my collection will be well before 1914.

Of all of these projects, only the Tékumel naval set is remotely close to earning the title 'playable', as I still have some of the ships from previous work.  Nothing is painted, however, and there are many ships to get for balanced forces.  Age of Sail counts only two models in my possession at the moment, and much prep work needs to happen before I can start to build them.  I want to get my ideas about rigging, basing, rules, etc. solidified before jumping in too deeply.  In the Ironclads project, I have a few vessels from a variety of manufacturers, and those are not in a cohesive collection as they are scattered among different theaters of the war.  Pre-dreadnoughts are still just a collection of books as I await my first order of models from WTJ.

It might seem that I am spreading myself thinly, and that is largely true.  However, with many of these projects I can have a game with only a single vessel on each side, or maybe two.

22 April 2018


A bit too long of a break between posts!  Even so, I will keep this one brief.

Many things are happening here, both hobby-wise and other-wise.  I am still struggling to shake off the lethargy that descended many months ago, but I am picking up more steam as I go.  There are old projects that will be revisited, and a new project or two that have suddenly sprung forth.  Once I get my photo editing woes out of the way, there will be more posts.  I just need to make it a habit once again...

And, my apologies to those who have blogs - I have been a very infrequent reader of even the blogs I enjoy, and a much less frequent commentator.  I hope to rectify this also.

25 June 2017

The return of an old favorite, with a twist

Along with the Anglo-Dutch ships, I purchased a few miniatures for an era that I once played extensively - ACW naval:

These ships are part of a new series of ships from Thoroughbred Models.  Thoroughbred is well-known for their line of 1/600 ACW ships, and I once had quite a few.  They were sold years ago to make ends meet, but now I am ready to return to the genre except that my new collection will be in 1/1200 scale.

First up is CSS Arkansas:

Just 43mm or so in length, this model is a bit small but the detail is very nice.  This is a one-piece cast, although there is a flagstaff and flag included with the kit.

Here is a port bow shot:

Next is a Union 90-day gunboat:

This model is more complicated, with masts, bowsprit, foredeck, and a pair of separately-cast guns.

Following these is another Union vessel.  This one is an armed ferry:

Not a big ship at 37mm in length, but there is a lot of detail including a very nice 'walking beam' assembly for the engines.

Honestly, I find this project to be much less intimidating than the Anglo-Dutch ships, simply due to the greatly reduced amount of rigging needed per ship.  Some of these will required little to none.  Of course, once I get to USS Hartford, things will change!