31 December 2008


This is the first post to my new blog!

I intend to do the following with this blog:

News of the hobby - new minis, rules, accessories, etc. for naval gaming... I will be limiting it to 'wet' naval subjects mostly, space gaming is covered elsewhere although I might stray into VSF subjects (AeroNef or Sky Galleons);

Links to other blogs/web sites/photos of other people's work;

My personal naval projects and activities - including photos and hopefully some reviews.

Most of my naval gaming experience is post-1700. I have briefly dabbled in ancient naval, have no experience whatsoever with medieval or renaissance naval, and have done a bit of post-WW2 naval gaming. My personal collections were based around ACW, pre-dreadnought, WW1, and WW2 ships. Unfortunately, most of my collections are gone, sold off some years ago to help with bills. There are some left-overs around, and I will drag some of them out.

As to my near-future goals, I'm looking to collect minis and rules for very specific scenarios first, just to maintain some easily-achievable goals. I also need to go through my collection of rules, compare it to what is happening locally, and see what I might want to purchase next.

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  1. Great blog and full of very useful links - keep up the good work and thanks for the blog!