08 February 2009

WW1 Baltic, part 1

While surfing around the 'Net recently, I came across this site:

(link fixed 07.25.2009)

These pages have a great deal of information on the naval campaign in the Baltic in WW1. There is a brief description of the land campaigns in a chronological order, with notes on any significant naval actions that occurred during the same time frame. A lot of good scenario background can be found there.

That site will be the starter for a list of ships needed for my first scenarios. I need to read through the battles carefully to find an action that will have enough ships for a good GQ3 scenario for, say, 4 to 6 people (a typical convention participation game). The entry for 2 July 1915 is a good candidate...


  1. El Grego,

    This sounds an interesting project which has whetted my appetite. Unfortunetly the link to WWI Baltic is broken.


  2. Thanks for the link Grego....I can see yet another project for FAI!!!!!!!!!!!!