27 February 2010

Notes on Figurehead ironclads

Just a couple of observations on the fine ironclads from Figurehead...

The first point is minor: all of the Figurehead ironclads, all of them steam-powered, have sails set. I could probably live with that point; it does not seem to detract from the models at all. But, if one wanted a bit more realism, the sails would need to go. On Regina Maria Pia and her sisters, it would be easier than others as the sails of the fore and main masts are actually separate from the mast itself. Others in the Figurehead line have the sails cast as part of the masts, making replacement of the entire piece necessary. For me, more thinking is required before getting my clippers ready.

The second point is more important, at least to me: the base is too small. I would like to put some labeling on the base itself and the included base, although sculpted with a nice wave effect, has no room for labels.

Here is Regina Maria Pia resting upon a 1" x 2" metal base. I think that a centimeter or some would be enough at the stern for the labels .

Is 1" too wide? Or maybe I should apply the label along the broadside edge of the base???


  1. Hi El Grego, you make some interesting points there; certainly for me, the larger the base the better, I went with 60x30mm for my 1/3000th, and this gave plenty of room for painted wakes, national flag and the ship's name .

    I went without, but if you are incorporating masts and sails, this would also easily keep them protected when handling.
    Let us know your progress!

  2. Your basing style is great! I will probably shamelessly copy it for the ironclads and my 1/3000 Baltic project, although I might need slightly larger bases for the WW1 ships.