14 March 2010

A brief update

A snippet or two of activity here:

The mini in the foreground is Affondatore, with Regina Maria Pia to starboard, mounted on thin steel bases - 30mm x 60mm - and primed. The bases are much larger than any I have used in the past, but I rather like them as there will be plenty of space for labeling and splash markers - many thanks to SteelOnSand for the tip!

But, I feel that in my haste to get them mounted I have made a slight error. The bases are very thin steel, which will probably lead to players, in the heat of gaming, to grab the mini instead of the base for movement. So, I imagine that I will add a layer or two to the bottom of those steel bases to give some needed thickness.

Also on the workbench:

Here is Re d'Italia in her packaging.

And the contents. You will notice that the fore and main sails and yards are separate pieces. I am thinking that I could just leave the sails off the mini, and add some yards. The staysails would require much more work to remove; they look OK to me as they are.

Now, all of this work on minis for Lissa has, of course, got me to thinking... Compared to the Baltic, there is a lot more naval action in the Adriatic: Greek triremes, Roman quinqueremes, Venetian and Ottoman galleys, all the way up to WW1 and beyond. Maybe I should be looking at the Adriatic more than the Baltic as a focus for my naval activity?


  1. Hi EG, I may be hugely biased but the Mediterranean in general has seen more than its fair share of naval grief over the centuries. The weather is nicer as well....;-)

    All the best,


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Ogrefencer - you are quite correct on both counts! Now, to do some more research...

  3. Hi there, EG, thanks for the shout out! Those two undercoated ships are looking really nice, lovely little models...hope to see more once they're nearer completion.

  4. Thanks - I slapped a little more paint on them today, pics when they are done!