11 June 2010

Italian ironclads, part 2

Again with the slow progress...

Just a pair of work-in-progress pics:

Principe de Carignano

Palestro, with Re de Portugallo

I only have a few more Italian ironclads after these; Austrians are next then some of the unarmored ships. I have yet to finalize a shopping list for the Lissa engagement - I know that I am short several ships especially Austrians. But the handful that are in place already will give me enough to start testing some rules. I'm looking forward to trying the ironclad version of DBSA. I also have a copy of David Manley's Iron & Fire, and his Lissa supplement.


  1. Hi El G, those are going to shape up into some nice looking ships, methinks.
    I'd once looked into doing Lissa with Navwar 1/3000th, but chickened out of painting all those sails; looking at these, though, I might just be returning to the idea in this smaller scale....curse you! :-)

  2. Tempting, eh! It should look good if I can finish them off. The spars are a bit daunting at first but some slow-dry gel superglue helps.

    I was not aware that Navwar had these in 1/3000, but then again what do they not have.

  3. Sorry about the "b" message, I hit the wrong button.

    To whet your whistle while getting the entire set-up ready, you might consider Heloland 1864--a much smaller Austrian force (with some of the same vessels as at Lissa) fought a similarly small Danish squadron. I can send you data if you want.

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

  4. Chris,

    Please do post about the 1864 action.