14 August 2010

German ships, part 1

We saw the state of the Russian fleet last time - so here are the Germans:

The bases are not quite finished; those that are blue will get one more coat, and the metal ones will get two! The torpedo boats do look dark and sinister, as they should, although when I paint the wakes on the bases they will pop out more.

A broadside shot of the fleet. The closest ship, minelayer Albatross, is not nearly done, but if you look past her to the cruisers you can just see that I tried to paint the two-tone scheme that was used by the Germans in WW1. Too subtle, maybe, but in absolute scale terms probably too dark. I do like the effect so I think I will keep it...


  1. Lovely proportions on those German ships - and I thoroughly agree about the subtly different greys - looking good!

  2. Thank you sir! The Navwar ships really do look much better with some paint on them.

  3. Looking good, sir . . . but I was surprised that your "Pre-Dreadnought and WWI" manufacturer's list doesn't include a link to the War Times Journal 1/3000 ships:


    Personally, while the above are lovely models, I have chosen 1/2400 for my Pre-Dreads . . . and I'm using Panzerschiffe . . . because my eyes are old and not so sharp any more.

    -- Jeff

  4. Immense ommission corrected - thanks Jeff!