31 August 2011


At the recently concluded PAX Prime convention, I had the rare opportunity to see a great new game just before launch - Leviathans, by Catalyst Game Labs.  We had next to no spare time as we were on our way to another presentation, but I had a brief chat with Randall Bills, mastermind of Leviathans, and as a token of appreciation (we were among the early playtesters - a few years ago - for the game) Mr. Bills gave us these:

A French light cruiser on the left, and a British light cruiser on the right.  These are nice models, and I will have more pics later!


  1. Hi EG,

    Welcome back old chap! Very nice looking models - oh dear, there is another period to tackle!

    All the best,


  2. Nice looking models. I've only been half-following the development of this game. Maybe you could post an entry on your impressions of the game.


  3. Hi El G, many thanks for posting this photo - I've been wanting to see these models in the flesh for a while now - I know there was a lot of debate about them being pre-made/painted, but I must say, they look pretty good to me!

  4. Thanks for the kind words! I have some more pics to upload, and I will try to give some thought to the system as well.