04 January 2013

Stoking the boilers again...

Well, 2012 did not come off as I expected in the hobby department, especially with regards to naval gaming.  Suffice to say, I completely lost the plot!  I did manage to do a little with some of my other projects (I have a series of blogs specific to certain projects, click on my profile if you are interested) but I did not get very far with anything.

Recently, however, I have been trying to shake off the cobwebs and get some wok done again, and that includes naval projects.  Once again, one of the biggest obstacles is focus.  I can launch off on a new project very easily, but getting the miniatures on the table seems to be a bit hard for me lately.

So, coming up with the right set of projects will be my first goal.  As always, I have several options:

1.   Renaissance naval - I have several Figurehead 1/2400 ships waiting patiently;

2.   Ironclads - Again, more 1/2400 Figurehead ships from 1866 waiting;

3.   WW1 - A bit more complicated with this, as I have 1/2400, 1/3000, and 1/6000 scale ships;

4.   WW2 - Also a choice of scales here, with 1/2400 and 1/6000.

And this list is just for miniatures that I already possess!

One point that I want to check on immediately is this question - Can I paint 1/6000 ships to my liking?  If so, then I might have the post-1900 situation sorted.  1/2400 seems to be a good choice for any action from 1500 - 1885.

Also, I have begun to change the look of this blog.  I have added more links to other blogs on the left, and hopefully it is a bit easier to read.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Looks like the start of a good naval year ahead

El Grego said...

Thank you Geordie!

Ben walton said...

Looking forward to seeing those Austrian ironclads and the Renaissance ships! don't think I've seen the figurehead line of these. Thanks for putting a link up to my blog by the way.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Good luck - thats an ambitious list of goodness!

I have a big box of 1/1200 scale WW2 coastal craft, panes and merchants I really must do something with one day too!

I'm Follower Number 50!

El Grego said...

Thank you for the comments!

Ben, you have a great blog, and thanks for signing up Paul!