09 June 2013

Fantasy naval, part 2

The first flotilla of Langton Miniatures (ordered through Waterloo Minis) has arrived:

They are looking good so far; I just need to sort them out by size to match their Tékumel counterparts.  I think that I will need a few more samples as the smallest ships types might not be covered...


  1. Watching the last few posts with "interest"

    I am in a quandary wrt Ancients, triremes in particular for Salamis:

    1/3600 (yes really tiny but many on a base)
    1/1200 (Navwar) One a base representing many ships for the big squadron feel

    (David Manly - Fire on Water Rules)

  2. Hello Geordie - thanks for stopping by...

    You might also look at 1/2400 Tumbling Dice for ancient ships.