03 January 2014

Books to start off 2014

A good way to start off a new year is always with a new book, or maybe even two:

We found these at the local used book store.  The ACW book is a new copy, and the Salamis book is used but in great shape.  For US$20 total, this is not a bad way to get into the upcoming year.

I have read that there is some controversy about this ACW book by Dougherty; I have the similar work by Tony Gibbons and I will try to set up a compare and contrast post in the near future.


  1. I have the book by Tony Gibbons. It is excellent. When and if I ever get over the Napoleonic naval period I intend to try a few ironclad scratch builds from this book.


  2. Looking forward to it, Vol. The Gibbons book is one of the standard references for the era.

  3. I can recommend the Barry Strauss book A+

  4. I am looking forward to reading it!