30 December 2015

The year that was...

And that year was an almost complete miss for any sort of naval activities here.

After a promising start with Galleys & Galleons, hobby-wise my naval activities just fell flat.  I'm not certain why.  But, my lovely wife has pointed out a few details, and I am getting ready to try again.  She commented on an issue that did not really click until recently - scale.  In her opinion, the miniatures are just too small and that might be a source of friction.  So, I am going to dig out the 1/600 ancient ships again and see if I can plug them into their original purpose as ships for Tékumel gaming.  Galleys & Galleons will be a perfect set of rules for them.

As a back-up plan, I have placed a small order for some 1/1800 ships from War Times Journal, but with my luck the order has fallen afoul with technical difficulties on the production end.  I look forward to their arrival - just a bit more patience.

And, if you are curious as to my other gaming pursuits, please take a look at Pewter-Pixel Wars.

Happy New Year all!


  1. Glad to see you post again! It's always interesting to find out what has me lose interest for a while. Usually it's a combination of factors: who do I game with, are the rules fun enough, are the miniatures interesting, and the scenario can't be emphasized enough. And then life gets in the way as well, or I simply get more interested in a new thing for a while. But I find that I really enjoy the small scale offered by Figurehead when I especially consider my budget, and the space I have for gaming. My favorite games though, are the ones that I worked the most on the scenario background story.

  2. Scale is always a problem. I can definitely see where larger would be better for ancients. 1/1200 seems to work absoutely great for small to middling age of sail actions, but that might be way too small for galleys and triremes. I hope 2016 works out to be more savory for you. We all need a little salt in our gaming. Happy New Year and may the dice be favorable to your endeavors.