15 February 2016

New project, and old

Just a quick pic or two:

On the left, my new 1/1800 ships from WTJ, with a pair of extras that were sent just in case some of my order fell afoul of a production problem.  Awesome service from WTJ!  Now, for some primer...

And on the right, one of my 1/600 Xyston ancient vessels, and assorted bits.  I am going to take another look at this scale for my Tékumel naval project.  One item that I can see already is the size of the 'castle' from Xyston.  It seems to be slightly small.  A scratch-built replacement might be in order.

Lastly, the Tékumel naval project got another boost with this:

I finally purchased my copy, and I am looking forward to reading through it again.


  1. I saw a demo game at a wargames show- probably Kirriemuir (I think) and the game seemed great fun.

  2. I've really enjoyed Galleys and Galleons. They are a very versatile set of rules, play well, not too complex and great value for money.

  3. Thank you, gentlemen. Now I need to get cracking on those ships!

  4. You'll be busy! Those 1/1800 ships look nice. Look forward to seeing how they come out with a spot of paint on them.


  5. I was thinking the same thing as to Tekumel naval gaming. I am behind you on this project, both as moral support, and chronologically. I am actually thinking 6mm scale, using the Hotz paper ships to start.

  6. Good idea - 6mm will look awesome

  7. I am watching this post with interest ... Jeff