11 June 2017

Anglo-Dutch naval, part 1

This is the start of my newest naval project; just a pair of ships but I find it to be very daunting.  The rigging of these ships will be the hard part for me to overcome!

Here is the first step - a pair of lovely 3rd rates in 1/1200 scale from Langton.  (Edit:  purchased from Waterloo Miniatures)  (and the ratlines are sold separately!).

Inside the box one will find:

Above are the parts for the Dutch 3rd rate (Langton AD19).  The hull is three pieces, while the masts and sails comprise a total of 15 pieces.  All of the wonderful details that one expects from a Langton miniature are here.

The parts of the English kit (Langton AD9) are similar.

Please note that these miniatures are not very large.  The pics above are on a ¼" (6.35 mm) grid.  The hulls are less than 2" (51mm) long overall.


  1. Very nice, and great to have you back posting. Cheers, Aaron

  2. I'm looking forward to following your advances on this project.

  3. Very nice. Not a period I've looked at, but I've built and painted a few Langton Ancients and Napoleonic boats so I know how lovely the small models are.

  4. Good post! Nice to see the kits laid out with a sense of scale. I've not seen much Langton, but always hear that they are highly detailed. Now I see what people mean by highly detailed.

    How are the brass sails to work with?

  5. Cracking period and a good company to buy from - always quality models from Langton. What rules are you using?

  6. Thank you, Ray. This will be my first experience with photo-etch parts of any kind!

    Rules, Mr. Hotspur... I have a set from David Manley, For Line of Battle, and I might see if your own G&G will work as well.

  7. I'm painting Renaisance Langton ships, a little bit difficult but the finished work is really nice, wonderful details...Good luck!

  8. Thanks, Phil. Langton ships are among the best.

  9. Super Greg, I can't wait to see them completed. I have two of these as well but haven't ever opened the packages, too busy with the Napoleonic ships. What is that third hull piece? And that additional spar/mast? Where do they go? I have never seen corresponding parts with any of the Nappy ships.

    BTW, thanks for the comment on TWW. Nice to see you there.


  10. The third hull piece is the top of the rudder, and the additional spar attaches to the bowsprit for sail #2.

    I have been lurking over at TWW since nearly the beginning - just do not post very often which I should reconsider.