06 May 2018

Anglo-Dutch naval, part 2

As part of the build-up to my Anglo-Dutch naval project, I purchased a copy of this:

This volume is part of the 'New Vanguard' series from Osprey, number 183.  A slender volume at 48 pages, it is nonetheless a useful introduction to the period.  Design, construction, and operation of the two different navies are covered, and there are many period paintings reproduced within, along with  color plates commissioned for the book.  The most interesting part is a series of tables listing the names, rates, and fates of individual ships from the two sides.


  1. I shall keep my eye our for that as a nice acquisition

    I have had fun with the 17th Century last year
    If you skip past the Russo Jap battle there were two nice games of this period last year


  2. Thank you - I'll have a look!