10 January 2009

Naval Gaming news - 10 January 2009

This is the first segment of Naval Gaming News, with hopefully many more to follow:

Minden Games has released Panzer Digest Naval Special 2008, containing a complete game based on the Dogger Bank encounter of 1915, variant rules for Avalon Hill's Jutland, game reviews, and other goodies

Toshach Miniatures has released several sets of appliques for 1/6000 WW2 aircraft carrier deck markings

Topgun Marketing has some special deals for modern 1/1250 missile boat packs

Litko Aero has some news islands and shoal markers in their Naval Tokens range

Spartan Games has some pics of their new Uncharted Seas tokens



  1. Hi,

    I've been tempted by the pre-Dreadnaught era . . . and the Houston ships in particular:


    Do you have any rule suggestions for that period?

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi Jeff,

    There are many rules out there for pre-dreadnought actions. I will try to post a separate article about some of those choices in the near future.

    Thanks for visiting!