31 January 2009

The plan

So, what am I actually going to do with this project?  Here's a brief run-down of my plan as it stands at present:

ERA - World War 1 will be the starting conflict for my restart of the collection.  There are a multitude of historical and hypothetical actions that can be played out on a tabletop.  I also like the ship designs.  The lack of radar and aircraft is a minor bonus, although I do admit that WW2 will be a part of the collection in the future.

THEATRE - Oddly enough, I'm starting with the Baltic.  The Russian Navy in WW1 was no slouch (at the beginning, anyways), and the relatively constricted waters of the Baltic will provide some much-needed boundaries for battles.  The fleets involved are not very large, therefore affordable although that might not last long as the collection grows!

SCALE - 1/2400.  Fairly obvious, this one.  Most of the games I have seen here in the Seattle area have used 1/2400 scale minis.  I already have some 1/2400 scale minis, left-overs from previous work, and the selection is fairly extensive.

MINIS - I am going to try and make the nucleus of the collection centered around GHQ miniatures.  Yep, the expensive ones.  I really like the detail of the minis, and they are not hard to get here in the States; in fact, one local game store has the entire line of GHQ models on their shelves for those impulse purchases.  I do freely admit, however, that I will be taking advantage of GHQ's periodic sales in the purchasing of these minis.

RULES - General Quarters 3 - Fleet Action Imminent is my rules set of choice for most actions (although I'm having a bit of a problem with the rules at the moment; more later).  These rules have enough detail for me, a long-time Seekrieg fan, and are reasonably fast-playing.  I might dust off my copy of Seekrieg 4 some time - if I run a game for my friends in Spokane they will demand it!

So, the easy part is done.  I need to do some research on the composition of the German and Russian fleets in the Baltic, find providers of the appropriate minis, paint, base, and play!

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