27 May 2009

New VSF game coming soon - Leviathans

Catalyst Game Labs has announced a new entry in the VSF aerial fleet genre - Leviathans.

So far, the Leviathans blog has some information on the background for the game, and some interesting artwork. I am not sure how this new game would affect the already established Aeronef; it might be complimentary as the two games are based in slightly different time references. Aeronef seems (I am not quite certain as I have yet to purchase it) to have its ship architecture based in approximately 1890, while Leviathans is in 1910. That might not seem like much, but naval architecture was rapidly changing in the turn of the previous century.

My biggest hope for Leviathans is the commisioning of new minis!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, definitely minis! The game box will come with some, and there are plans to expand the range.

    I've deliberately not gotten too involved in Aeronef. The period and technologies involved should produce quite different flavours, and I can't see any reason why the two shouldn't coexist happily.

    One good thing about working with Catalyst Game Labs - as inheritors of the FASA tradition, they build _universes_ as much as they build _games_. SO there's a lot of work going into "behind the scenes" stuff, as well as the game mechanics. And glorious art to come!