08 May 2009

Well where's he at?

My apologies for not posting for so long... the blazing start I had burned right out!

Some of this is due to getting a severe case of 'sticker shock' with the GHQ minis. They are beautiful minis, but I just do not foresee myself having the financial resources to invest in them, especially with the other projects demanding funding as well. Also, the problem with the GQ3 rules, as mentioned previously, took some of the wind from my sails, even though the charts were quite satisfactorily replaced.

So, a change of course is required. I am looking into 1/3000 scale ships instead. And, I might even revise the scope of the collection to pre-dreadnoughts. Much to decide...


  1. One nice thing about the pre-dreads is that almost every ship has a different look.

    Many have four stacks; lots have three; quite a few have two; and there are those with both one and five stacks . . . not to mention the ones with smokestacks side-by-side.

    The War Times Journal has very nice 1/3000 ships, as well as an excellent website:


    And Panzerschiffe has 1/2400 scale pre-dreads in resin:


    And for lots of fun, there are the 1/1000 scale Houston's (but you'll need a big table):


    Okay, I don't expect you to get the Houston's, but the website gives you a lot of photos to get an idea of the character of the pre-dread era.

    -- Jeff

  2. Thanks for the WTJ link, Jeff - almost forgot about those fine minis!


  3. The WTJ 1/3000th minis are really nice but shipping them from the US in quantities is a pain as it makes them quite expensive! For that reason I use Navwar - plus the fact I am only 30 minutes in the car from them. The Pre Dreads are pretty good and the range is huge - I used them for the Balkan Wars fleets and will do so for the other projects I have on the go. I will try to get some pics of the finished models organised - the Turkish Messudiye is a lovely model! They are not as detailed as WTJ models but they are cheaper and the coverage is greater - I have not tried them up against one another though.