05 July 2009

Action off Gotland, part 2

After much deliberation, and the confirmation of a slow-down at my place of employment, I am reconsidering my decision of using 1/2400 scale ships, especially the beautiful but expensive GHQ models.

If you look at this post on A Wargaming Odyssey, and again at this post on SteelonSandBlog, you will see some very nice examples of 1/3000 naval ships. With the prices for these minis running at least 50% less than GHQ, they are great bargains.

Also, Navwar makes a specific SMS Albatross mini, and WTJ has an awesome SMS Prinz Heinrich! Neither of these ships are available in 1/2400.

1 comment:

  1. 1/2400 and larger are beautiful scales to game with but do not, I believe, have the coverage of 1/3000th. Panzerschiffe have a large range in 1/2400 but I have not seen any of the models other than in photos. Plus the fact that these are not available in the UK means that for me they are sadly a non starter. GHQ I love but cannot afford - especially since the redundancy! Tony at Navwar is very helpful and knowledgeable about matters naval and it is a pleasure to deal with him - the fact he is only 30 minutes away in the car is also a bonus! 1/3000th is a great scale for those 'projects of self indulgence' so you wont go far wrong in choosing IMHO. It also means that you are able to tackle numerous periods/theatres without breaking the bank! All the best, Ogre