27 July 2009

Action off Gotland, part 3

While sorting through the painting table, I made an unwelcome discovery - I do not have any paints suitable for naval vessels! None of the typical greys that one would need. Now, I could just mix my own, and I do not mind doing that in a very limited manner, but large-scale paint formulation is not what I want, especially as I do not need large quantities. So, along with the ships I will need to purchase some paint. Sigh...

On a good note, I have found some interesting web sites pertaining to the naval situation in the Baltic during WW1. I'll post them very soon.

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  1. I must confess that the subject of naval grey is a very vexed one as there are so many variables even in the same batch, let alone the effects of weather and spray etc. I am using two shades at the moment - Humbrol Matt 87 and Revell Matt 57. The latter is a slightly blue grey (more so since I have just purchased a new tin and the colour looks very different) and I used it for the Turks. The Revell colour I used on the Russians and Greeks but both shades are probably a little on the dark side, even if thay are accurate. Using the black paint in the varnish trick for shading makes them even darker. I guess the point I am making is basically use whatever takes your fancy and see how it goes.