02 August 2009

Action off Götland, part 4

Slowly but surely, progress is being made. My first order from WTJ has arrived, and they are beautiful ships indeed. No pics yet; it is just too hot here to mess around in our hobby area but I will take some soon.

I have also sent off for an order of new paints. I am going to try something a bit different this time. Normally, I will purchase specific colors, as I do not like to blend my own shades. But, this time I am going to try it, so the paints I ordered are more basic colors, neutral greys and pure white. I will need to keep track of the recipes of the paints for specific navies as I will never remember them outright.

I am hoping that I can finalize my Navwar order this week; when it arrives I will have everything together for my first scenarios...

1 comment:

  1. Way to go EG!! I am really looking forward to seeing how this pans out and am quite tempted by some Baltic stuff myself. The WTJ looks awesome so I cant wait to see how yours come out.