15 August 2009

First set of minis...

I finally have some pics ready to post. Some of these are a bit dodgy - I need to refine my method just a bit of these small ships.

First up, the Germans:

These are the WTJ versions of Prinz Heinrich and Lübeck.

A very close-up overview of Prinz Heinrich.

The WTJ castings are very nice - not much flash, just a small amount there on Prinz Heinrich's fore funnel.

And some Russian ships:

The cruisers Oleg and Bogatyr.

And a close-up:

Nice. I really like the detail on the ship's boats.

And a broadside view. Note the detail on the casemate guns. There is a bit of a mold line along the waterline; some careful filing will take care of that.

Last but not least, Bayan:

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