15 May 2010

German cruisers, part 1

It has not been all Ironclads work here - the WW1 ships have been getting some attention also. And to prove it, here are some work-in-progress pics:

SMS Prinz Adalbert, ready for primer. I added some masts using brass rod.

SMS Roon.

Both minis required a bit of work with knife and file, and I see that I missed a gap in the second stack on Roon. Nothing too serious though. I do think that these will paint up faster than their WTJ counterparts, as the Navwar minis have a bit less detail. Once all of the ships are on the table, fully painted, it will not matter much.

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  1. Hi EG,

    Loving those brass masts - I never thought about doing that for my own 1/3000th stuff. Navwar stuff does paint up quickly as well.

    All the best,