01 May 2010

Slow progress

Just a brief update:

Regina Maria Pia with a little bit of paint applied, and


Progress has been slow through the previous month due to a really odd work schedule which should be resolved now. These Figurehead ships do seem to paint up nicely so that helps.

And the WW1 fleet has not been forgotten:

Before I set off to the balmy shores of the Med for WW1, I am going to finish off the ships for my Götland scenario. Painting is helping with my strange urge to purchase those 'lovely' French pre-dreadnoughts - I really do find the French designs to be strangely attractive!


  1. Keep up that head of steam :)

    Little bits when added up go a long way :)

  2. Keep at it, El! those WWI ships are looking nice and clean, hope to see more as this progresses.

  3. Thanks for the comments, gents!

  4. looking good.
    can you describe your mounting method for painting?
    flat headed nails mounted in rows of drilled dowel?

  5. The ship is glued to a small flat-head nail. The pic shows an old drill bit box that I use to hold the nails.