12 February 2011

Back on track, with a surprise...

Far too slowly, but it is finally done - the hobby table is set up for business:

And, it is immediately besieged with projects and a few surprises as well if you look closely!

Here is the first one:

1/2400 Figurehead English 16th century squadron

1/2400 Figurehead Spanish 16th century squadron

I thought that these packs were sold off long ago, but they look intact and almost completely untouched. Looks like two to three ships per pack - plenty to start off. I really do not know much about the period - any rules suggestions? Since these minis received the official 'thumbs up' from the missus, they are keepers...

The missus and I are still debating the fate of all of those 1/6000 ships, scattered on the work table in the first pic; I am still sorting them out! Looks like British, German, Turkish (!), US, and Brazilian (?) ships, in a mix of WW1 and WW2 eras.


  1. Very nice work. I have to get back to building some fleets for Roman Seas - something around 1/1200-1/900 scale. Haven't decided yet. Regards, Dean

  2. Looks like you'll be doing some Sea Hawk -style swashbuckling in the near future..... I'm mighty jealous of that neat and squared away painting table, though - how do you keep it so tidy? ;-)

  3. The table is so tidy because I have not got much done lately... I am hoping to reverse that!