19 February 2011


Here is some of my unexpected collection of 1/6000 scale ships:

Just the Germans and British in this pic. My 1/6000 German fleet is an eclectic mix of battlecruisers, pre-dreadnoughts, and torpedo boats, while the British only have battlecruisers. I have to say that I do not remember the specific plan for these ships! But, they are beautiful castings - do I really need another scale?


  1. Ah that perennial question- do I need more shiny metal?

    Of course you do! Mind you, 1/6000th is pretty miniscule - would lean towards those big gunned behemoths of WWII, methinks....

  2. Indeed it is - It also allows you to do things not possibles in other scaless- like field the whole German Z Fleet and pit it against the whole Russian Baltic Fleet! Yes, I did :-)

    I have a whole stack of 1/6000, most of it painted, which I do not use any more. If you are truly interested in this scale, give me a yell at:

    In any case, I think you'll find it complements your other naval gaming. And of course smaller ships are quicker to paint :-D


  3. Hi EG,

    1/6000th is a really nice scale but price wise appear to be as expensive as Navwar 1/3000th which makes them a non starter for me. Having said that, I would really like to use them myself for large scale actions.

    All the best,


  4. Hello gents,

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm still thinking about the scale. The idea I had was that 1/6000 would be a replacement for 1/3000 for 20th century games, but more thought is needed.

    Tas - thanks for the offer; if I switch to 1/6000 I'll definitely contact you.


  5. It's a hard call to make Greg

    I've started 1/3000 so I am building up in that scale, I like the ability to see the "look" of the ship.

    I think the Figurehead ships are absolutely beautiful but on a gaming table I cannot see it (old eyes here I think)

    I did consider doing both scales (before the wife and kids came along when I had too much time, money and madness) using the smaller scale to represent the enemy fleets on table in double-blind games.

    Needless to say the scheme never too form ;)