09 March 2011

A bit of a diversion, and a poll...

As many other gamers, I find it very difficult to maintain a singular focus on projects and periods - there have been many examples on this blog alone to prove that! But, I have endeavored to keep my blogs reasonably focused on certain genres. This blog is devoted to naval matters, and historical ones at that. But, I am also 'working' (more like thinking!) on non-historical naval projects, which I normally keep sequestered on other blogs.

As I seem to have made some real progress on another, non-historical naval project, I am wondering if I should repeat that information here as well. In that regard, I have set up a poll find out what my reading audience thinks of this idea. Please give me a minute or so to vote, and leave a comment if you like!


  1. I think this is your hobby blog and you should post about the hobby stuff you are working on.

    If you want to maintain two separate blogs, I think that is fine, but I don't any problem with drifting away from the main subject of the blog every now and then.

  2. The most interesting people I know are not particularly focused so just go with the flow....

  3. I'd prefer just to know what you are doing any scale or period

    When people post on my blog I skip back across to theirs to see what they have been doing recently

    Even better it I can find it all in one place :)

    "In a garden a thousand flowers bloom" ;)

    "Game On" El Greco

  4. I'm a predread player I love ahistorical stuff

  5. I went througha simialr thought process about two years ago, but decided to keep my main VSF themed blog "Yours in a White Wine Sauce" seperate http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/

    Thats blog wanders from Mars to Aeronefs to pre-dread ironclads, but all within the VSF and simialr periods. Then I have my other, moe frequented blog, "The Man Cave" where I do all sorts of toer weird and wonderful stuff.

    The use of bloogger's labels and pages functions is realy useful though and will help speerate your projects, so it doesnt really matter which way you go, as long as you are happy with it.


  6. Go with whatever is happening right now. Don't worry too much about "focus". My blog was set up to chronicle my 15mm Sudan project, but I've not posted anything on that since January - too much Wings of War and 1/600 ACW ironclad work going on!