03 November 2011

Weak-willed me...

Well now, another fork in the road of hobby project completion looms up ahead.  Recently, I have been playing the on-line game World of Tanks.  This has stirred a latent desire for micro-armour, something that I have not played for more than a decade, and collected longer than that.  So, I zipped over to the GHQ Models web site, checking out tanks and such, when the urge to look at the Micro-nauts hit me.  Those beautiful miniatures, albeit expensive, are a siren's call.

I have some old GHQ ship miniatures around here, so I am going to drag them out and see if I can paint them to a reasonable degree...


  1. Hi EG,

    Very interested to see what you come up with - I do not own any but they are gorgeous models. A friend of mine has some WW1 Germans and the battle cruisers are exquisite.

    All the best,


  2. Thank you David, I might just have a plan...

  3. Hey there El Grego I am now following you. When you get a chance please check me out at
    P.S. David and me are friends ... Jeff