29 October 2018


Not much is happening here on the hobby table as far as naval projects go, but hopefully that will end soon enough.

I have purchased a few books to help stoke the boilers a bit:

Many directions these tomes lead!


  1. But which to read first is the question...😀

  2. Nice collection - looking mighty nautical! :)

  3. I have read Thucydides' The Peloponnesian Wars three times in my life, once as a kid, again as a young adult and the last time in my 40's. It was that good and written by a historian who actually fought through it all. I remember there was a lot of naval conflict throughout the wars. I may have to try and find that Naval History book.

  4. "The Chinese Steam Navy"? Man, I thought some of my areas of interest were obscure!😁 Seriously though, all of those titles look interesting. I agree with Stew: where to start first?

    1. I admit to using a wide net for books that might interest me someday, and it was not expensive!